July 4, 2022


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Surviving the Cold

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Surviving the Cold!
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

Cold New York Harbour freezes over in the film The Day After Tomorrow.It is said that shelter is important and should be sought first in a survival situation. More so if you are facing what could be the next ice age. How could it happen. The biggest culprit could br Magnetic reversals. How would that occur?

To quote a character in the novel Torn by Apocalypse Nana:

Mother Nature, God had enough, time for a change. Like with the dinosaurs. Right now, there’s some sort of reversal going on, caused by the sun. And get this, when it’s done, this huge storm is gonna dump snow and ice on the northern hemisphere. But it gets better. Not just snow and ice. Hundreds of feet up north. Here in Pittsburgh maybe a hundred.

Cold jackFor the first month, snow will extend all the way to the Florida state line . . . about. After the destruction, the solar flares, earth quakes volcanoes, people are gonna know something is up. It’ll be more than likely be explained as the reversal, nothing more, but we know better. After the destruction, after the reversal is complete, the storm will brew. They think we’ll have a twelve-hour warning before the snow starts to come. When it does, four to six feet an hour. During which periods of freezing, instant freezing will occur.

This is all scientifically true as to what could happen. We could see the eruption of Yellowstone super Volcano, while we wouldn’t be covered by ice, temperatures would drop. But an ice age isn’t the only scenario in which you could face death by cold. An unexpected blizzard causes you to get stuck? Are you prepared? Do you know what do to if you are stranded in your car.

Cold jack2What about another snowpocalypse? Stuck in your home without power and ability to have fresh water? Would you freeze? Starve or do you get ready before winter strikes.

While we pretty much know when to start looking ahead for winter, an ice age is likely to start in the fall, burying us in snow before we can answer the door for those trick or treaters.

This week on Apocalypse Nana we discuss the Next Ice age and cold weather survival.

Returning to the show are listener and (RW Clinger) favorite, Briar Lee Mitchell. She is a search and find expert and is going to be on the show to talk to us and teach us some nifty (Yes I used nifty) Survival tips. Also with us to join in the conversation is author of Cry Havok, Jack Hanson. Jack has some handy tips of his own, and will talk about his new book.

It looks to be a great time. Turn up the heat, break out the bourbon and join us this week as we move into the Next Ice Age.
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