Survivalpunk & Prepper Recon on Security

Survivalpunk & Prepper Recon on Security

Security Prepper ReconJoin James and Mike with Special guest mark Goodwin from the site Preperrecon and new book Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics.  Mark Goodwin is a Christian constitutional author and the host of the popular Prepper Recon Podcast which interviews patriots, preppers and economists each week on to help people prepare for the coming economic collapse.

Mark holds a degree in accounting and monitors macro-economic conditions to stay up-to-date with the ongoing global meltdown. The troubling trends in the political and financial landscape have prompted Mark to conduct extensive research within the arena of preparedness. He weaves his knowledge of economics, politics, prepping and survival into an action-packed tapestry of fast-paced, post-apocalyptic fiction.

10-4-14 513E-hWjDrL._AA160_Today Mark is here to talk about his new book Retreat Security And Small Unit Tactics. The book is co written by David Kobler aka SouthernPrepper1 on YouTube. It focuses on how to secure your home. Tips to deter invaders. Set up defenses. It also goes into tactics for training as a small unit. It goes over hand signals to move a unit. The full review of the book will be coming soon.

Survival PunkEach episode on The SurvivalPunk they discuss topics such as Survival, Prepping, Permaculture, Fitness and nutrition all with a punk attitude. James is the survivalpunk, an experienced survivalist and knowledgeable on weight loss. Mike is an overweight family guy with a sense of humor. They dig into topics of the past and cutting edge technology. You will learn everything from waddle and daub building techniques to creating a mesh network for off grid communication.

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