May 7, 2021


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Your Survival Mechanism

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Your Survival Mechanism
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty”

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On this edition of I Am Liberty I would like to talk about your survival mechanism tonight. Not the survival instinct but the day to day mechanism that allows you to get through each day. You have one whether you know it or not. I have seen how you drive when you don’t have your macchiato in the morning. The fact is in order to get through each day we have certain things we need to do, say, have that allow us to be …..normal. This is our survival mechanism.

mech·an·ism [mek-uh-niz-uhm]

2. the agency or means by which an effect is produced or a purpose is accomplished.

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My question to you is: have you considered your survival mechanism? Have you figured this in to your preparedness plans? Moreover will you be able to be who you are if you can’t get out and shop once week or get to the gym and work your aggressions out?

Not sure? Well here is a test. Abstain for a month. From whatever it is that you enjoy, whatever puts you back in alignment with the universe. Be sure to note how it changes you and what type of person you become. These are very important questions that get overlooked in the bigger picture of preparedness. You know you will have everything you need to ride out the storm but who will the man or woman be at the helm.

Sex, booze, good times with friends or even just television we all have an escape. Often times when we come back from that very short escape we are revitalized. These lulls in the everyday pressures of life allow us to be who we are. They allow us to get through each day without following the guy who cut you off home and slamming his head in his own car door. Tonight let’s talk about the survival mechanism.
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