Soul Survivor (Yes, it is spelled correctly)
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

Soul apocalypselove242x150We as survivors or those preparing for some catamclysmic even can learn many skills. We can dehydrate, stock water, supplies. Learn about radiation, going to highground. Every skill imaginable can be learned. However, do we ever stop to prepare to survive, not just to keep the mind going, but the spirit as well.

This week on Apocalypse Nana, we examine what it takes to prepare to stay human. To save the good and not turn bad. We look at relationships in a post apocalypse world, morality. Will people stay good or will they turn? Can we do anything to ensure we remain civilized.

This week we have human interest guests.

Soul danaDana Perry, author and motivational speaker will be joining us. Her ‘straight no chaser’ approach resonates with audiences everywhere leaving attendees empowered, equipped and energized. She tackles real life by providing real solutions. We look forward to Dana’s answers on turning life around. Visit her website at

Also on the show is Derrick Pearson. One of today’s spirited songwriters, musician, composers, arrangers and producers; Derrick “Doc” Pearson has been a real musical innovator and his longevity in the music industry proves he is blessed of the Lord.

Soul doc2Derrick served 24 years as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the Supreme Court of the United States providing protection for the Supreme Court Justices. He possesses an AA degree in Business Management, a BS degree in Business Administration and is currently involved in advanced religious studies.

Derrick “Doc” Pearson gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1990 and since that time has only used his gifts talents and abilities for the building of the kingdom of God with music and video released on he and his wife’s independently owed and operated recording company IAM Music Company LLC.

8-21-14 docAll the music and videos can be found and purchased on iTunes, and Amazon as well as IAM Music Company website: Not only does he know the how to ‘soul’ survive, he knows people.

We will be playing a sample of his song on Apocalypse Nana.

When we asked Derrick about survival this is what he said, “As a Christian minister, musician, songwriter and producer my emphasis is on making sure my soul, and the souls of others are prepared for eternity and after an apocalypse whether one survives it or not.”

Soul doc3This will be a different type of show, preparing the human side for the end as much as the physical side.

The Popular Cohost, RW Clinger returns and, believe it or not, this one is right up his field of expertise. Human behavior interests and worries him. He said, “Just as they say alcohol brings out the true self, I believe in the event of a cataclysmic event, who we truly are as human beings will emerge.”

The interchange on this show will be dynamic. Have your questions and comments ready. We are!
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