August 9, 2022


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Trapping in the Wild!
Josh “7 P’s of survival” This show in player below!

Trapping the OutdoorsListen in as we talk about all things trapping! Brian King is with us to explore the entire spectrum of trapping. We cover training, gear, selection of grounds, reading sign, lure and how to make it. Also discussed, setting a line, harvesting an animal, processing, post processing projects and crafts. This is an extremely informative and fun show.

11-15-16-img_0021Brian is highly involved in several Common Facebook groups concerning the outdoors and trapping. His new business is Trappers Traditional handcrafted mountain-man, norse and native products which he runs out of Deer Park, TX with a digital footprint at When it comes to making lure and what to do once you have processed your catch this is where Brian took his passion for the outdoors and turned it into a business.

11-15-16-img_0022We plan to cover a few tips, and tricks including: Where to find 100% free online trapping classes and where to take some in-person courses. How to make your own lure to save money and bring in more game. A buyers guide to gear and sets based on the species you plan to trap. How to process animals in the traditional manner (i.e. Brain tanning). A wide variety of tips and tricks to increase your set yields. How to turn your catch into useful items or a potential trade instead of worrying about selling pelts or dealing with state bounty programs.

If you have been thinking of getting started in the trapping field listen to this show in player below.
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