May 16, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Tracking for Survival Part 2

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Tracking for Survival Part 2
Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided!

Tracking for Survival Part 2What’s up Team Gunmetal!! Dont forget, coming up soon… We are going to have the next installment of the Single Mom Survival Series with the Mistress of Metal. She’s gonna break down the next steps to mixing prepping and single motherhood. AND we will be giving away the Single Mom Starter Survival Kit…. Which is even starting to surprise me at how extensive it is. (Note: You better be a single mom if youre trying to win this package!!… Or we won’t send it to you. Fair warning.)

Listen to this broadcast or download “Tracking for Survival Part 2” in player below!

Last week we talked all about basic tracking and what was needed to start tracking. This week we will continue this quest and I will tell you guys and gals everything I know about the next step to learning how to track. Like I said before, Tracking can literally be learned by ANYONE… as long as you have the drive and the patience to learn what those tracks are trying to teach you. Example: you find two sets of footprints about the same size, one is obviously deeper than the other, but they’re both walking at the same pace. What does that tell you? Those two sets of prints tell you that one person is carrying a significant amount of weight, much more than the other person. We will go over all sorts of things like this on our next Episode of THE GUNMETAL ARMORY. Thursday Nights on PBN at 6pm Pacific.

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