December 8, 2021


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Primitive Skills, Putting Them to the Test: Do you have what it takes?

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Primitive Skills, Putting Them to the Test: Do you have what it takes?
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

Primitive Skills  Thanks to television and the internet, there are a lot of misconceptions today about what it actually takes to survive in the woods. In our first-world environment in North America, we grow up now without any real connection to the amount of work it takes to survive, let alone any kind of connection to our natural environment itself.

Primitive SkillsAfter returning from the deep jungle in Nicaragua and observing the indigenous Indians of that region, I feel it is important to call attention to the concept of primitive living skills. While it is one thing to learn the skills, it is an entirely different concept to have to live off of them (especially alone) indefinitely in the wilderness. If you are in a survival situation where you must live off the land, what are the most important basic tools you would want to have with you? What do you think are some of the most important implements you would need to make? Is the order of basic necessities (food, water, shelter, fire, security) always the same? How important are the mental aspects of survival and is there any way to train or improve that part of yourself?

Primitive SkillsI draw upon my own personal experiences in the wild both alone and with other people – both military and civilian. I also draw upon the experiences of other people I have known who have spent extended periods of time completely alone testing their survival skills. Finally, I draw upon the experiences of people like the indigenous Indians in the jungles of Central America, who have grown up and live in this kind of world every day of their lives. From the perspective of an American suddenly caught without any type of equipment or gear and having to fend for him or herself, what can we learn to improve our own chance of survival in this situation?
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