Outdoor Adventure & Essential Skills!

Outdoor Adventure & Essential Skills!
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Outdoor Adventure & Essential SkillsOn this episode of 7 P’s of Survival we are talking about one of my favorite survival handbooks. The Survival Handbook: Essential Skills For Outdoor Adventure. While this book has never made it into my pack it is without a doubt graphic intensive and useful survival manual. While the book is from 2012 it is still one of the best books in the genre and is less than $13 on Amazon.

11-1-16-thesurvivalhandbookThe book starts off as any journey into the wilderness should begin with prior proper planning. The entire first chapter is dedicated to how to get in the proper mindset. Also getting your body in the proper shape and your journey planned out in a through manner. The second chapter is essentially an extension of the first. It familiarizes you with all of the different environments across the globe. It also provides you with the skills necessary to pre-plan for those environments. The third chapter continues the theme of preparedness while providing one of the best packing lists, clothing recommendations and layering guides I have seen in a book. Move on one more chapter and you have a great beginners gear guide.

As you can see from above this book more than any other prepares you to avoid a survival situation. The first half of the book and the latter half of the book tells you how to get out of a sticky survival situation. There are a good twenty pages on navigation and weather forecasting that are a must read for anyone. The remainder of the book provides insight into all aspects of thriving in a wilderness environment with minimal gear. Without a doubt it provides the best graphics and descriptions I have come across in a book of this type. You can buy the book HERE for $15.75 with free shipping.
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