January 24, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Gear, Your Skills, The Wilderness

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Mountains I am liberty skillsKnow the gear, your skills, and the wilderness before heading off into the mountains. I want to share on this episode of I Am Liberty what I have learned after a weekend up in the Appalachians. I have learned a lot and might even consider such a camping trip to be an utmost necessity. Not just for deflation of the body and mind but to put your skills and tools to the test. Taking the time to get out there on your own and really see what you’ve got is an important task. I made the trip with my good friend Mike D and aside from really enjoying ourselves we learned some very valuable lessons.

Fire Starting skillsThere were things that worked and things that didn’t. We hiked for about 7-8 miles on our first full day on the mountain and encountered many challenges. We sought out food sources, filtered water and remained cautious of the wildlife around us. I would have to say that the most understated aspect of foraging for wild edibles is the time and energy that goes into processing them. Especially certian roots and nuts. The challenges of facing off against hunger and the trimming and boiling of certain wild edibles was a bit much for two weary travelers.

The cost of this trip was trivial compared to the skills Mike and I learned. As we struggled to hack away and collect enough fire wood for keeping warm through the chilly nights on the mountain top it I was humbled. It even furthered my thoughts on getting efficient in a fallen world the key is to work now to assure that this world doesn’t collapse. Also if it does we want a strong community back bone to aid in these trials. Overall it was a great learning experience. I would highly recommend a bug out to the wilderness to test equipment, skills as well as your own stamina and will.

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