May 16, 2021


Self reliance and independence

We call ourselves preppers. We have generators, food stocks, firearms, books, you name it, but do we have SKILLS? What are some skills and trade that will benefit us when the balloon goes up? Have you ever taken an emergency medical course? Are you able to work in a wood shop? Can you weld? Sew? Mechanic? These are skills that are as much about prepping as canning or arming up for zombie hordes, maybe much more. So let us dispense with the usual heavy subjects and put the politics and gardens aside for an evening and discuss how knowing how to turn a wrench, use a wood chisel, or thread a needle may help you NOW and in a future calamity. Join me, Chris, in this episode of The Prepper’s Poitin Hour. Slainte! Listen to show in player below. 

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