October 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Well-Appointed Prepper Homestead Part II
Host: Renee “The Homestead Honey Hour

Prepper Homestead Ferguson TO35Last month, I talked about outfitting your homestead prepper kitchen and household. If you missed the show, you can find it in the archives Go HERE!

Prepper Homestead Renee's GardenThis month, on The Homestead Honey Hour I will be continuing with this expansive subject and talking about what items you might find handy in the garage and workshop as well as for the “heart” of the modern homestead — the all-important garden. If we have time, I’ll also talk about what you need for the barn and barnyard and all that other stuff that comes under the category of “miscellaneous” on our prepper homestead checklist. However, if we do run out of time, what I don’t get to this month will be the third and final installment in this series during my show in April. So, don’t worry — we’ll get to all of it eventually!

So, join me once again, this Thursday, March 13th, keeping pad and paper handy for notes. Also, please feel free to call in and share what you have discovered is a “must have” on your own homesteads.

Prepper HomesteadBackground: My husband and I have been on our present 10 acres for over 20 years. We keep a small flock of laying hens, meat rabbits, dairy goats, a breeding pair of pigs, a breeding trio of turkeys, and three riding horses. We also have some fruit trees and usually plant a large garden. We heat with wood primarily and I can and dehydrate as much as possible for our “extended pantry”. Over the years, we’ve discovered things we never want to be without. We’ve also spent good money on tools and equipment that really weren’t as needed, used, or necessary as we thought. Ahem. Live and learn as they say . . .
MichiganSnowPony YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/michigansnowpony

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