June 20, 2021


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Spring, getting prepared!

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Spring, getting prepared!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Spring groundhogIt seems like every warm day in Winter is brings such a deep hope of whats to come. I don’t know about you but I experience winter fatigue about 3 days into the season. Not really. After the holidays though I do begin to climb the walls. I like to be outside and have the option to go and see and do. I love all the great things associated with Spring and its coming. The days are getting longer and I cant wait till the days are warmer.

2-22-16 GardeningWhat types of things are you planning this Spring and Summer? I want to hear from listeners and chat room folks about what you are working on for the spring and summer. I have some very clear and exciting projects that I am going to be working on and I would like to talk about them as well. Also what things didnt work for me last spring.

2-22-16 apple_tim_cookThere is a lot of news as well. I would liketo talk about the Tim Cook issue and get your thoughts on apples CEO and his decision not to forge his way into the terrorists cell phone to get information. This issue speaks to a lot more than just what is happening in this nation but all over the world.

Tom Locke: Surviving America is going to be out on February 26th! This is an incredible story about battling domestic terrorism and not turning our backs on fellow Americans, regardless of religion. Get your hands on this great book that will be available in almost a week.

Dont miss this episode of I AM liberty we are going to have a great discussion about getting motivated for the warm weather and how to take advantage of it.
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