August 9, 2022


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Spring fever yet?

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Spring fever yet?
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Spring fever yet?If you’re like me spring fever is in full swing about now. Every time I look out the window at the pitiful lonely garden space, I just want to go throw some seeds at it or something. The yearning for the spring time air for even the hardiest of winter lovers is setting in. I hear the birds chirping their spring come quickly songs and even seen a couple of the mice outside the house too.

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Let’s talk about spring and all the wonderful and work related things that comes with this season of rebirth.

2-24-16 potsFrom frost dates to which seeds should be sown outside and which should be started inside, and for that matter how many weeks ahead, there is indeed a whole lot of planning going on around the homestead.

2-24-16 spring_chick_and_daffodilsSpeaking of planning, I am planning to add some baby chicks here in a few weeks and it is certainly still a little cold for these little cuties to be outside yet, so plans must be made for them as well.

Anyone who gardens knows that gardening starts long before we actually put plants into the garden and this week is a good time to start thinking about some of the things to get a head start on our garden and springtime homestead chores. With some planning one might find in the future, an abundance of perennials that pop up all by themselves. Even these need a little spring time sprucing and feeding.

2-24-16 photo-originalConsidering bees? Now might be a good time to do some study on the subject because they are still sleeping. Come spring you will need to be ready for the hungry hoard buzzing about looking for some tasty flowers to start gathering nectar from. Late spring is when you can often times find a swarm in need of a home.

There are many things besides your garden waking up in the spring. We can both stave off the winter blues and be one step ahead in time for the spring plant. Our show this week will examine some of the wisdom, DIY and homestead hacks I found while lurking about in my spring feverish state.
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