June 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

In the words of farmer, and cattlemen!

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In the words of farmer, and cattlemen!
Host: Nick and Don “We Grow Ours

FarmerOn this episode of the We Grow Ours show we’ll discuss the pros and cons of conventional farming with Jerry Klein. We’ll touch on the farmers views about GMOs and new age cattle treatment. We’ll also talk about the need for varmint control… and the good times you can have hunting them!

This week on the WeGrowOurs show, Nick and Don are lucky enough to have “Jerry Klein”, farmer, and cattlemen. He just so happens to also be Nicks dad.

farmerIn southwest Wisconsin the green rolling hills have sustained generations of farming families, the Kleins among them. On about 200 hundred acres of rich pasture and fertile fields, Jerry Klein follows in his father’s footsteps tilling the land, harvesting crops and raising beef cattle.

Our Small business shout out this week (month) will be www.CharityTransport.org. Help some Vets get the medical care they need! We all know about the issues with the VA, and this charity is one more in the quest to help get these men and women who served our nation the medical care they need!

We Grow Ours studio1 (1)Donald Kupper is the owner of EcoPod Gardens in Phoenix Arizona. A full time IT guy, and passionate about growing his families own food. He designs and sells aquaponic systems, raises rabbits and quail, has 20+ chickens, and loves life on his Micro-Farm!

Nick Klein is the owner of Hostil Hares in Chandler Arizona. Who is Hostile Hare? HH is owned and operated by Nick Klein. Just like you, Nick has been watching the atmosphere of our world shifting. He was looking for ways to be more independent and this continues to be the motivation behind Hostile Hare.”

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