May 22, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Seeds and Prepping Plans, two great shows for tonight from our Saturday hosts “The Prepared Canadian” and “The Road Less Traveled”!

Seeds ep65-5Seeds, what’s the difference? Now that the snow is gone, or almost ,our thoughts will be turning outdoors. More specifically to the gardens. There is no shortage of skills to learn or knowledge to be gained when it comes to growing your own food. We have to think about soil and amendments, water and storage for irrigation, mulches, hugel beds, etc. but how about spending some time thinking about your seeds. We have all heard that we need to have heirloom, or open pollinated seeds, but why? What is the difference between hybrid and GMO? Are they both bad for us?

Seeds ep65-3This week on The Prepared Canadian I’ll explain the differences, as well as the similarities between seed types. Of course, we should all be concerned about GMO plants, but it may surprise you that the home gardener doesn’t have to worry too much about them…well, not for the reasons you may think anyways. Also, hybrid seeds aren’t all that bad, and do have a place in prepping, especially for the new gardener.

Of course, heirloom seeds are the choice for preppers, but it may surprise you to know that they are not all from lineages thousands of years old, and that you can even produce a new heirloom variety of seeds yourself given enough time by “growing out” hybrids.

Listen to this broadcast on Seeds, what’s the difference? in player below!

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Refining your prepping plans and putting them to SERIOUS use! 5-3Scared-PreparedOn this excursion be prepared to catalogue and review your preparations as GGsBoo reviews ITEMS and STRATEGIES we’ll need overall. She’ll cover the WHATS, WHYS, HOWS, and WHERES related to general preparedness. Are your food, water, clothing, communications, and security at a HIGH LEVEL of preparedness? She hopes so BECAUSE . . .

5-3 Carrington eventSince we’ve promised “homework assignments,” be ready as GaryL is going to CHALLENGE you to a week-long EXERCISE, which he promises will be challenging at the HIGHEST LEVEL, requiring the use of EVERY ONE of your prepping SKILLS. This exercise will relate to PREVIOUSLY DISCUSSED TOPICS. One HINT . . . Look Up and Look Out!!

Listen to this broadcast on Refining your prepping plans in player below!

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