August 17, 2022


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Planting for Storage!

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Planting for Storage!
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian

ep67_3This week I’m going to discuss gardening from a bit of a different perspective. There is no shortage of information out there about garden placement for maximum sun, or how to double dig your vegetable plot. You can even find more than you could possibly read about maximizing yield with companion planting, square foot gardening, vertical or container gardening, raised beds, well, you get the idea, the list goes on.

PlantingInstead, I thought I would just chat this week about how I plan my planting by keeping my storage in mind. Not only do I think about how much I need to harvest, but this also has to be balanced with what I can grow well, what methods of storage I can use to preserve it, and also keeping in mind my plans to expand my seed harvesting until I am growing all my garden from open pollinated saved seeds.

I have in no way finished planning my gardening. It will take several more years before I will be where I want to be now. An even bigger problem is that by then, I will undoubtedly want to be somewhere else as my storage capabilities expand, so will my garden.

PlantingThe idea of keeping a seed bank and growing a sustainable crop from it when the fan gets stinky simply doesn’t work. Not only will it take years to turn your soil into a nutrient rich growing medium, but you will undoubtedly have some complete failures along the way. These failures by the way are completely normal and understandable, and in the end are the way we learn, but we can’t be learning this way when the chips are down and the need for success is life or death.

Speaking of learning through failure, I’ll have an update on the chicken plans and how a failed attempt at making a quick incubator from stuff on hand has led me to make a compromise. After all, we can’t a;ways get what we want right?
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