May 18, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Permaculture, Long Term Self-Reliance

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Permaculture, Long Term Self-Reliance
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty”

3-7permaculture1Though much of the east coast is blanketed in some level of snow or ice in the back of our minds we are all considering that plot of land. However large or small the I Am Liberty Faithful have gardens in mind.

This week we have Phil Williams to discuss permaculture. This should be a consideration of anyone who wants to create long term self-reliant food systems. Below is the letter Phil wrote to the visitors of his website :

PermacultureMy name is Phil Williams, and I am a permaculture consultant and designer. I created this website to provide useful, timely information for the experienced or beginning gardener, landscaper, or permaculturalist. My personal goal is to build soil, restore and regenerate degraded landscapes, grow and raise an abundance of healthy food of great variety, design and install resilient permaculture gardens in the most efficient manner possible, and to teach others along the way.

PermacultureMy goal for this website is to provide timely information each week on my permaculture site, fish pond, seasonal garden, food forest, and poultry care tasks and projects as they are happening. I will also maintain a comprehensive “how to series”, podcast, and video series, on a wide variety of gardening tasks and permaculture projects that can be accessed by anyone free of charge. I hope to provide a site where you will find compelling information that will be useful in improving your own ecosystem..

It all comes back to food sourcing and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Phil on. There are things happening in my own life and in my own yard that this conversation we have will affect in one way or another. Please take advantage of this resource and join us live to ask Phil questions in our chat room or call in to the show.
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