January 27, 2021


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Perennials and Preparation!

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Perennials and Preparation!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

1-30-15Its not quite garden time but there are some preparation happening this time of year. I built a great new raised bed this year courtesy of my father in law Conrad. I will certainly plant some of my favorite annuals. There are things like green beans, turnips and radishes that I have to grow each year. My father in law is the king of tomatoes so I don’t even bother growing any of the nightshades. Unless I am having a hankering for some home grown eggplant. Anyhow, I think it’s important we talk about some of the less popular perennials that can save you some serious time and effort each year.

1-30-15 perennial -flowers-14When I used to hear the world perennial I would think about flowers and ground cover. In my time dealing with you great folks who listen to this show I have come to some great conclusions about perennials and how effective they can be in providing food for your family that doesn’t need to be replanted each year. I am moving this direction in spring and have become entranced with the topic. I would like to talk about it and talk to you.

1-30-15 full-sun-perennials-1I have seen incredible things like tree collards and Egyptian walking onions. Also with my time in the wild I have found some plants that fit into that spectrum as well. Perennial medicine and food is a very exciting topic to me. If you come to listen, chat or call in bring your knowledge because I will be asking questions and looking for direction on some of my own plans for this growing season. Permaculture, food forests, whatever buzz word you want to attribute to the power of perennials. Its what’s on my mind. Rather than cry about the blizzard that wasn’t or Michelle Obama being blurred out by our good friends in Saudi Arabia I am going to talk about Perennials on I AM Liberty.
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