May 23, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Made From Scratch Life
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

Made From ScratchTired of all the processed unhealthy ingredients filling our food, our homes, and even our minds. We seem to be constantly running from one thing to the next, trying to get everything done and in. The world tells us to hurry up, do more, keep up, strive harder, all the while shoving more at us. Return to simple. With life changing stories, step by step tutorials, how-to’s, real life examples and recipes, The Made-From-Scratch Life, will inspire and teach you how to get back to the basics, not just in a from scratch kitchen and home, but in your mind and soul. It looks at the things that shape us and how you can apply old-fashioned traditions to your modern life and savor what really matters.

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the topics covered:

Create your own custom heirloom garden with planting and harvesting charts. Trouble shoot common gardening problems with natural solutions. Discover the many benefits of growing your own food, with solutions if you don’t have a large yard or any growing space.

Eliminate the processed unhealthy foods in your kitchen with easy but delicious from scratch recipes. Learn what ingredients to watch out for and how to save money by making them yourself. Time saving tips so you can spend time on the things that matter and still have nourishing home cooked meals.

Save money and increase your self-sufficiency by learning how to preserve food at home. Step by step instructions and tips so you can safely preserve your own homemade jams and jellies without store bought pectin and line your shelves with home canned goodies. Create your own food storage and fill your pantry with real food.
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