It’s time to start planning your garden!

Canada banff-national-park_9141_600x450garden_beanharvest3This Saturday on “The Prepared Canadian“, with snow levels measured in feet and temperatures reaching the minus 30 range, I thought this would be a great time to start talking about this year’s garden.  No, I’m not completely off my rocker with cabin fever!  There is actually very little time left to start thinking about the crops we want to bring in come fall and the time to get planning is now.  We will discuss why we want to garden and what questions we need to ask ourselves before we sit down with this year’s seed catalog and start ordering seeds.  We can use the food storage rule of store what you eat and eat what you store when we plan the garden by saying plant what you eat and eat what you plant!  I’ll have a great Canadian website for you that offers only non GMO seeds, but also tell you why you really don’t need to worry about them as a home gardener in the first place.

So put another log or two in the woodstove, make yourself a hot tottie and join me for one of many gardening shows we will be doing throughout the year!

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