May 22, 2022


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High production gardening!

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High production gardening!
Brett Bauma “Makers on Acres

High productionOn this episode of the Makers on Acres Tech, Build and Grow show, Brett will be talking about high production gardening.

Many of us throughout the year always dream of a lush beautiful garden, but when spring time hits we usually skip steps, or don’t quite build our gardens the way we had envisioned all through the winter. For many of us, throughout the winter time, we dream of, and design our elaborate garden plans in our heads. Reading and planning all are great steps to our dreams of a bumper crop, but how do we break from the main stream gardens of peppers, tomatoes and lettuce to a family feeding harvest all year long?

5-28 Green-HouseThere are so many different systems for growing food and thousands of choices in crops. Choosing the right system and right crop can fill your kitchen and possibly your wallet as well. We will be discussing some of the many high production crops as well as the systems that they should produce well in.

1-23gardening-vegetablesOne thing that many gardeners always focus on is where to purchase plants, or seeds, but many forget to think about propagating their plants with other methods. Learning and practicing multiple methods of propagation can increase your yields and plant inventory as well as provide an additional few dollars of income or use as a barter item. We will be discussing some of the most popular propagation methods and you can get started with some of them, even now, in the middle of winter!

If you are getting the gardening itch, tune in and get your creative garden plans started now so you are ready this spring to hit the ground running!
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