August 14, 2022


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Gardening on the vertical

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Gardening on the vertical!
Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided below!

Gardening on the verticalWill old man winter never loosen his grasp? That’s the question up here in the wilds of Northern Idaho. Easter has come and gone the first day of spring was weeks ago and poof it snowed April 7th! Talk about a bit depressing, we just saw grass, ok it was still brown but still! Time to hit the seed catalogs and gardening books, somethings gotta give!

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Join A Preppers Path on a quest to bring on the spring weather or at least feel like it’s spring as we take a look at the up and up of gardening! That’s right we’re gonna look to the skies literally as we explore the world of vertical gardening, it’s benefits, how to’s and why fores. Along with this unique style of growing we’ll look at a few other green items, like cold frames, seed storage, extending the seasons well if we ever get to a new season, and of course some composting on the side.

Vertical gardening is so versatile you can do it almost anywhere, doesn’t matter if you are living on a huge acreage, small one or an apartment dweller, you CAN garden just not traditionally but vertically. It’ll be fun, informative and will hopefully bring on the sunshine! See ya Tuesday April 10th at noon pacific standard time! Talk about spring fever oh yeah!

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