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Growing Fruits All Year Long!

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Growing Fruits All Year Long

Fruits All Year LongThere is no denying when it comes to the fact that fruits are good for our body. Some fruits have their health benefit “specialties” but regularly including them in one’s diet will ensure an all around health boost.

But, even better than just consuming fruits would be growing them in one’s garden. Why? Having them in your own backyard gives you more control over the chemicals that should touch the produce. In addition, it also promotes physical activity into your daily routine and ensures a year-long supply right from the backyard.

Fruits All Year LongHowever, not a lot of people decide to go back to the basics and grow their own fruits. It can be very intimidating: it requires a lot of time, energy and physical space. Or so they say. But these are actually just myths. In fact, you can grow and establish your own fruit garden with the help of the infographic below.

What does the guide below tell you?

In summary, it shows you just what type of fruit plants and trees you can start in your backyard to ensure you have fresh produce all year long.

Did you know that cranberries, blackberries and bananas can survive the harsh winter months? Just make sure to wrap the plant in time for the cold season or bring them indoors.

Growing fruits do not require as much time and energy as many people would think. Once it becomes established, they become easier to maintain and will bear fruit every year. Most of the plants and trees listed below will take around three years before it starts producing fruits.

The infographic will also provide a rough guide on which types of fruits to plant depending on your climate and soil. And, once you have started harvesting, there is also a chart on how long you can store the fruits in the refrigerator or freezer.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planting now!

How to grow fruit all year round

How to grow fruit all year round by team at Happy to Survive.

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