December 5, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Experienced gardener or just a beginner?

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Experienced gardener or just a beginner?
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Experienced gardener or just a beginner?Are you an experienced gardener or just a beginner? Would you like to know where to begin, or expand your knowledge? Are you wanting to get away from pesticides? Finding that your garden just seems to need more? Well join us as we discuss Natural and Companion gardening. I will be having another amazing guest on such a topic. Our guest started out like many, helping his family garden and learning from them as a child that set the path to what he does today.

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Old World Farms owner, father and family man, Richard will be discussing how he gets his highest yield in a small amount of space. How he learned about natural gardening. He will even be giving us an idea of where to start and what his suggests as types literature that can aid us in our learning process. He even answered a question of mine with a huge cucumber beetle problem. You will have to listen to find out what that solution is.

Much of today’s lifestyle is an age of instant gratification where many just go to the store to get what they want. They don’t understand the amount of work or how difficult raising your own food can actually be. The need to be self reliant is more critical now than ever. As Gardeners, Preppers, and good ole country living individuals we rely on our garden to produce much of our food that we thrive on during the winter.

Gardening and Canning are just two small skills we all need to know. Remember we are giving our children and family a future to be self reliant in many ways lets show them gardening is just as important as any other skill that we can teach them. Promise you this gentleman has some great information that you do not want to miss out on. Bring your Notebooks and questions.

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