August 12, 2022


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Composting is pure gold for gardening!

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Composting is pure gold for gardening!
Host: Nick & Don “We Grow Ours

CompostingThis week on the We Grow Ours show, Nick and Mark Forman from 15,000 Farmers joining us to talk about composting. Mark tells us some good ways to get started and gets into some of the ways that composting has worked for him. We discuss why nothing organic should ever leave your home, but rather be put into that big pile of “Compost”! Compost is one of those things that make many people think of a big smelly pile of #$$%, yet in reality you can compost under your kitchen sink, in a small bucket or a large area, but no matter how you do it; it does not have to be a smelly proposition. Mark will walk us through how to get started and share some tips and tricks of the trade.

compostingWe also want to remind everyone about the upcoming fund raiser… the “Gompers Garden” fund raiser with the “Food Patriots” movie screening. Please get your FREE tickets. We hope to see every listener in the Phoenix area come to this great event. Donations will be accepted at the door and we are working on some fun stuff to go with the screening as well! Get your tickets here:

Also, don’t forget that Nick and maybe Don will be on Doomsday preppers on July 31st!. This will be interesting! Be sure to watch for the “Doomsday reality TV” episode on August 4th with all sorts of stories from us about filming, and the reactions to the show. Nick expects some hate mail as well, and maybe we will get to read some!
Books on composting HERE!
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