February 26, 2021


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Aquaponics vs Wicking beds

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Aquaponics vs Wicking beds
Host: Sam Coffman “The Herbal Medic

Aquaponics 1341613560Join Sam Coffman in this podcast as he talks about the differences between growing your own food (and medicine) using aquaponics systems vs. growing it in the dirt in a wicking bed setup.  Many people have or want to jump on the aquaponics bandwagon.  Aquaponics can be very useful in a number of ways and is a great way to emulate a couple of main components of a full ecosystem garden.

Wicking beds are another way to create a fairly self-contained system that takes very little work.

Wicking beds fibreglass_bedsSam will compare and contrast his own personal experience as a teacher, a survival school director (which includes permaculture, aquaponics and many other self-sustainability gardening classes) and friends with commercial and homesteading aquaponics and other farmers.   He will relay his own experiences as well as the personal experiences of others who grow in much higher volume than himself as a living.

Sam will cover such points as:

  • 9-30-14What is aquaponics and what role does it play in food sustainability both day-to-day as well as post-disaster?
  • What is wicking bed gardening and what role does it play?
  • Is there a way to integrate both modalities of food and/or medicine cultivation?
  • Which is more expensive?
  • Which takes more time?
  • What are the climate considerations for choosing one over the other, given a choice?
  • What is a walipini and how does this figure into the equation?
  • How can you modify some of the concepts from both of these growing methodologies into your own systems?

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