August 9, 2022


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Aquaponics with Sylvia Bernstein

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Aquaponics with Sylvia Bernstein
Host: Nick & Don “We Grow Ours

AquaponicsWho wrote the book? The book of Aquaponics? Sylvia Bernstein did and we have a great interview with her this week on the WeGrowOurs show! We are excited to have one of Don’s mentors on the show this week and we will learn about the Aquaponics industry and where it is headed. Want to know some of Sylvia’s “Pet Peeves” about the aquaponics industry?

Listen to the show this week and find out why she is the “Godmother” of Aquaponics! This is a fun interview, and Nick is in rare form this week. He seems to have downed a few “Energy” drinks just before the show so you don’t want to miss him with a case of the crazy this week. Sylvia gets into the science of Aquaponics a little bit while still addressing the industry as a whole and her background. You have to see the new indoor systems, and the quality of all of her systems. of coarse sells these kits and proudly! If you are in Colorado we suggest you check out the classes they are offering including one on growing marijuana and a full weekend “emersion” class. Yup, Sylvia has decided to offer a Marijuana growing class for those that can legally grow, and in Colorado you can do just that with up to six plants. She lets us know why she chose to do this during the interview along with a ton of other tid-bits.. ohhh keep an eye out for news about an Aquaponics “Festival” in Colorado this year as well. We will get the info out on as soon as we have it! Nick and I talk a little about our HOP system that we have been working on. We also discuss the BSF (Black Soldier Fly) projects we will be diving into this summer. This is not the episode to miss! Be sure and join us on for the live chats on Mondays as well!
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