June 24, 2021


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How to catch fish!

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How to catch fish!
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How to catch… How to catch fish!Like actually catch fish the next time you go fishing.

Fishing is one of my favorite past times. It gets you outside with friend and family. It lets you enjoy the beauty and peace of spending time on the water. And if you do a good job fishing, you can even bring home some dinner.

But here is the thing… Starting off fishing can be an exercise in extreme patience. Sometimes it can feel like an impossibility. Like there are literally no fish in the water. Like catching a fish is the hardest thing in the world to do.

So how do you actually catch these critters? What can you do to make sure that the next time you take your family out on the water you enjoy catching and not just wishing?

In this episode of Homesteady we will discuss what makes or breaks a fishing trip. Focusing on Freshwater fish species, Trout, Bass, and Panfish, we will discuss a few key element that will improve your chances of catching fish.

Seasons and Weather.
When is the best time to go? What should you know about the upcoming weather? Are there better seasons to fish than others?

Where to find the fish.
It is often said that 80% of the fish live in 20% of the water. So where do you need to be to catch fish? How do you read a river, pond, or lake? What is the right depth and strutre to look for when targeting freshwater fish?

Each fish has its own unique diet. So what can you use to be sure to catch the species your trying to target? What is the right tackle or bait to bring to the water? Does the size of the fishing pole and line matter? Should you use bobbers? Floats? Weights?

Join us for this discussion live. And share your fishing stories with us! We will be taking listener calls during the show. If you have a fish story, we want to hear it! Be there Tuesday night at 9:00 Eastern Time for Homesteady Live.
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