December 5, 2022


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Back to Basics Fishing

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Back to basics Fishing
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Back to basics FishingFishing, hunting, and camping is something we as parents want our Children to know. Well in this 3 part series we are going to dive deeper in to the basics of these three everyone should know, or at least take the time to learn and teach their children.

In part 1. We will be discussing everything fishing. How something so miniscual. Could have the greatest impact . This skill could make a world of difference in a tight situation. Many people who have never fished before. Do not realize how much work it can actually be. But if you are someone who enjoys knowing that you accomplished or at least enjoy a job well done. such a skill set then is perfect for this show. Remember The first time you ever picked up a rod & reel. The sense of excitement when you got a bite. The worry that it might get away. Remember the feeling of accomplishment you felt when you caught your first fish. The frustration when a big one gets away.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Back to basics Fishing” in player below!

The skill set of catching fish Can make a world of difference. Not only litterally but also on whole new level with understanding or dealing with life. Join us, Share your stories and skills. We will discuss how to introduce fishing to a child or someone who has never fished before. We will go over all the essentials fishing rods, fishing line, and lures and bait. Even share some good ole fishing stories.

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