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10 Ways to Catch Fish in an Emergency

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10 Ways to Catch Fish in an Emergency

10 Ways to Catch Fish in an EmergencyUnwanted times can hit you at any time in the world. There are many cases where outdoorsmen faced the survival issues and they were unable to find the aid and their supplies also finished like water and food.

We always pray that these incidents should not happen to us but bad time can hit us at any time. That’s why we should be prepared always to face these types of incidents.

Following article will give you some ideas that how you can catch the fish easily in emergency times:

Hand fishing

People call this activity by the different names like noodling, hogging, gurgling, stumping and grabbing are the few terms which are usually used for it. In this process, you have to grab the fish from its watery lair with the help of your hands. If you feel fear during this process then you
should put on some gloves.

Gill Net

Gill nets are usually used to catch the fish when they try to go away through the small or big openings of the net. At that time, Gill net can make hurdles for those fish. This net can also be usable at many other places.

Fish spearatching fish

It is not an easy task to make a fish spear then catch the fish with it. But it can be helpful in the hard and emergency time.

Fish poison

During this technique, the biggest question is that from where we can get the poison? There are a lot of plants and trees from where you can get the poison by crushing the leaves. Try to use the poison in the still water. It is more helpful in small pools.

Hand line

Fish can be easily grabbed with the help of hook and line and a bait will make the catching work easier. Hand lines are those coils which are supported by a handle coils and they are used with the help of hands.

Gorge hook

Usage of Gorge hook is quite different from the usage of the steel hooks. In this technique, you have to allow the fish to swallow the bait. There will be a sharp bone or thorn attached with it. Once you will that the fish has swallowed the hook properly then you can put it out of the water.

Striking iron

This is the strangest method of catching the fish. In this method, you have to hit the long or slowly moving fish on the surface of the water with a metal rod or slender.

Basket trap

You have to make this trap according to the size of the fish. First, consider the size of the fish and the habits of the fish to which you want to catch and then build your trap according to that.

Fish Weir

Fish weir is used to direct the fish towards your trap. It can be a large funnel or a circular fence which will give the direction to fish towards the trap. This is an ancient style of catching the fish.

Fishing in a breeze

Windy conditions always create the opportunity when you’re catching fish on a fishing kayak. Wind makes it easier for the catcher to move fast and catch fish easily. The high-speed breeze will make the water cloudier and you just need to place your bait at the right place. It will help you in catching the fish quickly.

These are the few techniques which can be helpful in catching the fish during the emergency times. Everyone should know about these techniques because these techniques can really help in the survival.

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