August 7, 2022


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Modern Mans Fire!

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Modern Mans Fire!
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Modern Mans FireSince the stone ages depictions of man and fire seemed to go hand in hand with the will to live. Fire is life. So what is something that you think is survival essential number 1? The right Fire. we use fire for camping, light, heat, and cooking food. This is something that survivalist, campers, country folk or anybody would think of packing in their gear. So, what are ways that you can get your’s started? Lighter, Matches, Ferrous Rod, Flint stick? How about a fire starter that can really save you in a tight situation?

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Well, we have a great guest for you. Mr. Bobby Linn owner of Purfire Tactical and creator of a fire starter that really does hold up. Mr. Bobby Linn is a husband and family man with a heart that even extends to his wonderful grandchildren. Southern born from AL and grew up and created his Business in Florida. He spent much of his childhood out in the woods, hunting and fishing. He learned to be a jack of all trades,Which in 2010 with the turn of the economy he set out to put his fire starter business to work. And his first models had wooden handles which were made from dragonwood or crookedwood which he cut from the forest. Then he found a super pure Magnesium that would help him build his brand into what it is today.

Purefire Tactical is from a man who wanted to provide something more in his work and it shows. His fire starters have grown that EJ Snyder from naked and afraid took his survival style fire starter for his competition. Tony Pike with Ancient Wisdom Survival School and Forrest Galante from Extinct or Alive even use these fire starters both on and off the show. As well as many more individuals love his fire starter. Even I, Myself carry this fire starter. You don’t want to miss out on our discussion. We will also be doing a giveaway for one of these awesome fire starters. This drawing will being going on through his show to the next, send me an email and we will get you in the drawing.

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