August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Fire Craft 101
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

Fire Craft 101 Screenshot_2015-03-23-16-36-45_resized_1If you follow my blog you know I like to practice every possible means of fire making available. This week’s live show will feature a look into my fire kits, basic means of starting a fire, proper fire prep to get fire in any condition, primitive fire, sure fire, 18th fire starting and tips and tricks. If you have been having any issues with fire making please feel free to call into the show or join chat and I will gladly try to help you find a solution.

Fire Craft 101I will start the show out with a short section on the physics of fire as you have to understand fire to make it work for you. I will then transition into types of fire starting devices and follow that up with tinder materials. Once those bases are covered I will tell you what makes it into my pocket fire kit and what makes it into my large fire kit. We will then transition into a proper fire lay and how to make sure you are able to get a fire in any conditions. We will then cover fire lays and how to make them work for you. Finally as time allows we will touch on primitive fire making methods.

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