November 26, 2022


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Vinegar, not just for Fish n Chips!

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A bottle of apple cider vinegar in the morning sun, with apples in the background

Vinegar, not just for Fish n Chips!
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Vinegar, not just for Fish n Chips

Vinegar, one would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t used vinegar in one way or another. We most commonly think of white or apple cider however vinegar can be made from a vast array of things it really just depends on the source material. A combination of acetic acid, water and some trace minerals and viola you have vinegar. The uses for this amazing liquid are varied and wide because of it’s ease in production as one of the milder acids, historically it has had a wide variety of uses in our industrial, medical and domestic areas of life.

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Today we often see all sorts of books, articles and more touting the wonders of more particularly apple cider vinegar. In truth there really hasn’t been a lot of research to prove the medical claims, but as always let your experience be your guide. Because of it’s versatility and easy in manufacturing vinegar is indeed a friend to any DIY selfer or in the case here on A Preppers Path anyone wanting to be more prepared.

There are tons of products on the market but few have the versatility than vinegars and if a disaster were to happen few of us could produce any of them, on the side of vinegar anyone can make it, use it! Beware tho it is an acid and as such caution need apply, tune into A Preppers Path above to learn why vinegar isn’t just for Fish n Chips and why it should be a staple of your prepper stores.

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