February 25, 2021


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Survival Hacks! on I Am Liberty

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Survival Hacks
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below!

Survival HacksAll over the internet people are doing things that are truly noteworthy in the survival realm. Its very interesting to scroll through the numerous websites filled with survival hacks. In a capitalistic society like ours we often forget that there are options outside of buying the things we need for our survival. After looking at some of these various survival hacks you may be surprised to find that you have more options than you once thought.

I want to go over some of my favorite survival hacks and talk about some that have failed. You know, when you go scrolling the lengths of the internet its very important to be cautious. You never know what is a total fallacy. Many people find themselves locked in the religion of Wikipedia and they forget anyone can edit it.

Topics Discussed

· Top Survival Hacks
· What Works
· What Doesn’t
· Do you employ any special survival hacks?
· Adaptability in Survival

Everything comes down to adaptability. In my opinion it’s the most important human train. You can do a lot of things and you can be a lot of things. You can be bigger, better and have more but for those who can adapt they are given the gift of legacy. I love the topic of how our ancestors adapted and survived. I would like to discuss that as well. Seeing as how survival hacks are merely humans adapting and using their ability to create tools to affect their survival chances.

Bring your best survival hacks to this show and maybe even some of your top secrets to share among friends. Don’t forget to take full advantage of the chat room during the live show. We have a great group of people who show up every week for the live show. With them they bring indispensable knowledge.
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