November 30, 2022


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Herbal Gifts Handmade!
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Listen in player below!

Handmade Herbal GiftsCalling all DIYers! Want some ideas for frugal, quick-to-make holiday gifts? You still have time to to make loads of handmade, natural, herbal gifts. Be sure to listen to Herbal Prepper Live this Sunday to learn how.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Herbal Gifts Handmade” in player below!

The herbal crafts I’m covering require no prior experience working with herbs. They are super simple to assemble, and they can be customized to each gift recipient. I will be covering an assortment of teas, salves, herbal vinegars, and other concoctions. These can be either medicinal or more spa/pampering in nature. Sometimes, they are both.

There are so many easy, quick options with herbal gifts. Have a relative with painful joints? Make up a gift basket of soothing salves and relief-providing turmeric capsules. Have a friend with terribly dry skin? Fill a gift bag with handmade body butters.

Have a prepper spouse or a prepper friend worried about all the things we preppers worry about? Make aromatherapy magnesium spray, bath salts, and lotion. Or, take another approach. Assemble some quick and easy herbal first aid kits for their bug out bags. Have a friend with kids? Prepare an herbal cold and flu kit.

5-22-16-promo2There are countless reasons to skip the in-store shopping frenzy. Every year is seems to get worse with stores opening earlier, more trampling of other shoppers, all-out-brawls. This year’s Black Friday saw shootings and more mobs than ever. One video I watched had a supposed adult grab a toy right out of a child’s hands.

What reasonable person finds this acceptable? The irony that this happens the day after gathering to reflect upon how grateful we are for what we already have is thick.

On the other hand, DIY gifts are satisfying to make and even more special to receive. So, listen to this episode, give these ideas a whirl, and opt out of the holiday craziness this year.
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