August 14, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The DIY Revolution & Why You Should Join it!

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The DIY Revolution & Why You Should Join it!
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

DIY diygreenhouseKaren Lynn has the Viking join her on the show this week and they discuss the DIY Revolution and Why You Should be on it!  Karen Lynn was inspired to do this show when Cat from the Herbal Prepper called them the DIY Duo!  The Viking and her have a ton of DIY Projects and they wanted to share a little bit about them in this podcast with all of you!

They discuss Karen Lynn’s no sew fleece blankie, her homemade pine cone wreath’s,  and how simple and easy is it to not only make DIY gifts for yourself but you are making healthier superior products for your household.

2-3-15 diyhodKaren Lynn often says “It’s all About the Bees” so she also shares about their homemade beeswax lip balm called “Mind Yo’ Beezwax!” and their DIY Lotion Bars!  Beeswax is a natural antifungal as well as a sealant making it excellent for skincare!

The Viking joins her later in the show to discuss his Upcyled Strawberry Rotating Planter made from an old water tank that he even added roller skates to the bottom.  He shares about the homemade garden hod he made Karen Lynn for Christmas, his customized DIY Rocket Stove, and the couple talks together about building their upcycled greenhouse that they built together for under $400.

2-3-15 diyplanterSustainable living on a budget is possible but adding the DIY projects in makes it more attainable more quickly, it does require creativity, thinking ahead, sweat equity, and time.  However DIY projects are gratifying in the fact that you can meet your budget and knowing you were self-reliant and did it on your own.  Although many DIY projects are fun with a crowd as well, you can throw a party and build a deck, have a barn raising, you name it!

In this show Karen Lynn shares some of her football Mom memories, and also has some light hearted chatter with her husband The Viking in her life!  Sure to be a good time for all who stop in and listen!
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