June 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

DIY Mentality For Self Reliance

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DIY Mentality For Self Reliance

DIYThis week my buddy Jeremy Moran (you might remember him from a few posts and videos on the blog) explore the homemade, repurposed, DIY and redneck engineered means of creating a self reliance kit. Together we will share some tips and tricks to making a decent survival/woodcraft/bushcraft/hunting/trapping kit on an extremely tight budget.

Projects We Will Explore:DIY 20140704_214253_resized
-Clothing: Boreal Jacket/Annorak, scarfs, etc.

-Cooking: Wood stove, hobo stove, campfire convection stove, budget bushpot, tin can cups, wood containers

-Pack: Haversack, leather belt pouch, paracord altoids tin case, bdu stuff sack

-Cover: oil skin sheet, wool blanket sleeping bag

-Fire: EDC fire kits, fire starters, char, fire logs

-Paracord projects: bracelets, rifle slings, belts

-Tools: flint/steel striker, knife, bearing block, arrow heads

-Micro kits: pocket kits

-Camp Craft: tripod water filter, camp chair, table,

This should be a fun show for the 7 P’s blog as it will be the first show that Jeremy and I have done together and will give us a chance to explore a topic we love to cover on the blog a great deal!
7P’s Survival Blog: http://priorproperplanningpppp.blogspot.com/

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