December 5, 2022


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Native American Skills with The Next Generation Show

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As kids growing up, my parents made sure to take the time and expose us to the history and traditions of the west. Ghost towns, mining camps, historical landmarks. But perhaps most influential and inspiring were the Pow-Wows and survival skills inherent in Native American culture.


I’ve walked the streets of Tombstone and touched the stones that built Mesa Verde. I’ve seen through the eyes of C. M. Russell the way of life that existed before. And I’ve heard the voices of elders telling stories and legends far beyond my own imagination. Truth is, somewhere between today and yesterday is an entire culture of peoples that we still have much to learn from.

Native American tribes across the country had highly skilled, well-adapted lifestyles that fit the terrain they were in. They provided their own food, shelter, medicine and safety. And they shared this knowledge with white culture during interactions – both good and bad.

Last week we spoke about the Cowboy Skills that Ruled the West. But now we’re taking a step back to dedicate a show to the people who survived centuries before the first cowboy first set foot on the western frontier.

It’s impossible to cover every skill that we learned from the native American tribes. There’s simply too many. Instead, we’ll be sharing some of what we found to be the most impactful survival skills we’ve adopted along the way.

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Listen to “Native American Survival Skills!” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Native American Survival Skills” on Spreaker.

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