December 8, 2021


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Bushcraft and Primitive Skills With Joshua Kirk

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Bushcraft and Primitive Skills Discussion With Joshua Kirk
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Bushcraft and Primitive Skills With Joshua KirkJoin Rich in player below as he talks about Bushcraft, primitive skills, and survival. Special guest is Joshua “Native” Kirk from the 4 Winds Survival School. From the young age of six Joshua was hunting game, setting traps, tanning fur, and building his family’s first homestead from scratch. People say it can’t be done…well they did it. You just have to be willing to live small and work hard. The rewards lead to financial and mental freedom and self-sustainability.

Joshua has Survived through one of Utah’s worst winter blizzard storms with just his saddle bags, pack horse, 22cal. rifle, 45 Long Colt to keep the bears and lions at bay. Also while feeding himself on piney hens, wild herbs, and drinking cold water. Now today he has had yet to live in a home with central heat, and air.

Joshua now resides in his self-built, self-sustainable, small log cabin. He lives 100% self-sufficient and off grid on his homestead in Georgia. Now everyone has their own philosophies on wilderness survival and bushcraft. I don’t judge anyone on their theory’s and teaching practices as long as they aren’t teaching stuff that could get you hurt or killed, like Bear Grylls telling you to drink your own pee. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I believe that Joshua has some great information and a skill set to be jealous of.

At Aegis Outdoors we like to teach in our Into to Bushcraft course, shelter building, fire starting, water purification, land navigation, knot tying, and into to trapping like snares and deadfalls. We all have our own favorite methods and gear. I believe that it’s a good thing that there is so many different schools out there to teach we can all learn new tricks and ideas. I’m sure Joshua and myself will have different views on these things as we discuss these topics, and it will make for a great discussion.
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