May 16, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Be creative, make it yourself!

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Be creative, make it yourself!
Brett Bauma “Makers On Acres

make Aquaponics_with_catfishOn the next episode of the Makers On Acres Tech, Build and Grow show we are going to be talking about getting creative and starting to make our own things for life.

2-13-16 Rankine_cycle_layoutMany of us have hands on talents, either from our past jobs, or just growing up in an era where it used to be taught.  On this episode, I am going to be discussing ways that we can take our creative ideas and start turning them into operable things.

On the last episode I talked about a steam powered generator. The steam powered generator is something I have been wanting to make for some time now and have not pulled the trigger on it yet.

2-13-16 800px-Pellet_Stove_burn_potSo what is the next step? How do I get this design out of my head, on paper, then ultimately running? We will talk about ways to design, and software that can be used to help you get your creations on paper. Once you get it on paper the next step will be getting your hands dirty and making it work.

I  dive into some of the tips and tricks for research, design, product sourcing and more. I also  discuss why it is important for us to hone our skills and learn to create our own things. If we are ever to be truly independent and self-reliant we need to know how to be creative and effective with our knowledge and skills.
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