August 7, 2022


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Simply Canning with Sharon Peterson

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Simply Canning with Sharon Peterson
Host: Mike Podlesny “Mike The Gardener

Simply Canning Mike The Gardener fe_adIn this week’s episode, Mike the Gardener talks with canning expert Sharon Peterson of Simply Canning, about how you can perserve all of those fruits and veggies you grow in your garden using various canning methods.

It does not matter whether you have never canned in your life, or are a seasoned veteran, Sharon gives plenty of helpful canning information in this podcast for everyone.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

Simply Canning Can you Can SuppliesWater Bath Canning
Pressure Canning
Canning Safety
Difference between high acidity foods and low acidity foods
Which foods should be canned using which method
Storing your canned items
The shelf life of your canned items
Sterilizing and preparing your jars
Canning Equipment

About this week’s Guest, Sharon Peterson “Simply Canning”:

simply canning -sharon2Who is that crazy woman who enjoys canning, a full pantry, and simplicity?

In my mission to keep up with the appetites of my crew, gardening and home preserving food has proved to be a great way to provide nutritious, simple, delicious meals

Home preservation has turned out to be a feasible (and satisfying I might add) alternative to the chemical and preservative laden commercial products found on the shelf of our local mega market.

I’ve been canning foods for many years. At first, it was in small amounts. I would usually put up tomatoes and apricot jam, applesauce and MY personal favorite, apple butter. cinnamon spiced apple butter! I didn’t have to. I wanted to, for fun. I enjoy the results and the satisfaction of doing it myself. I tend to be a self-sufficient sort.

Today, preserving food is a part of our frugal simple life style.

I LOVE being able to open a jar of vegetables that we grow right in our back yard. I love having jars of peaches, homemade applesauce, or tangy pickles right in my pantry ready anytime for that snack attack.

But it’s more. It’s the confidence of knowing that I have enough stored up to take care of my family. It is knowing exactly where that food had been and what hands have handled it. It is knowing that I am saving on our grocery bills! The more I learn the less I have to buy. I’ve even started canning venison that my hunters have provided for our family. Try it, you’ll be amazed at what it does for venison.

Join me. I’d love to walk with you on this trail of learning how to “put up food” as our grandmothers might have said. I’ll share with you a few tips and tricks, proper procedures to ensure safety and success, supplies important to have on hand, and some of my favorite recipes.
Canning Supplies HERE!

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