January 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

SERE or Micro Kits, Why Everyone Needs One!
Josh “The 7 P’s of Survival

Micro Kits Full+Kit+Contents_small_resizedIt’s been awhile since I’ve had a show where I could sit down and just talk to you about things I personally do and things from my kit. Tonight we are going to change that as I will be the guest for the evening :). I plan to examine my Micro kits and what I have found works best in them after a few years of testing.

Micro Kits PhotoGrid_1431130630079_resizedOver the years my Micro 10 C’s kit (see it here) has changed dramatically as it was initially more gadgets and now it fulfills my survival needs to match my evolving skill set. I have tested each item in the kit countless times and in various manners and each item has multiple uses to effect survival anywhere I might be in the world. This kit goes with me wherever I go and I believe it could get me out of nearly any jam in the woods. We will go through what I started out with which was more of an E&E prepper kit to what I carry today in my kit. Along the way I will tell you why I got rid of many of the items and why others made the cut.

I will then turn to my pocket first aid kit and delve into its contents. While it is nothing off the charts it was enough to get my wife through a two week trip with some serious blisters on her feet.

If there is a surplus of time (something I never seem to have) I will then dig into my edc items and my IFAK/blowout kit of choice (if we run out of time you can find my EDC kit HERE).

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