October 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Self Reliant, breaking free!
Brett Bauma “Makers On Acres

Self ReliantOn this episode of Makers on Acres Tech, Build and Grow Show we are going to be discussing breaking free from the social norm and becoming self reliant and self-aware.

What do I mean by self-aware and self-reliant? Being self-aware is knowing about your needs, controlling your desires, learning your strengths, weaknesses and knowing how to better your life and yourself. Now self-reliance is a great by product of self-awareness.

1-9-16 download (1)Being self-reliant takes extreme discipline which is created by developing self-awareness. The discipline needed to be self-reliant takes time and it takes sacrifice. Self-reliance is not just growing your food, making your own systems, or generating your own income, it is all those and then more. Reliance on the social system to drive your desires, thoughts, purchases, attitude and personality are all systemic problems that affect almost all of us to some extent. If we are to be truly self-reliant we need to be aware of when we are allowing the social system to control our actions and thoughts, and we need to work on our self-awareness to break free.

Join me in player below as I discuss the process of breaking free and starting on the road to true personal freedom! If you are trying to control your life and become self-reliant, this is a must listen show for you!
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