Seeing the Forest for the Trees – What’s Important!

Seeing the Forest for the Trees – What’s Important
Host: Lynna “The Other Side… A Preppers Path”

SeeingHe can’t see the forest for the trees, an expression describing an all too common ailment of men and/or women. That moment when one becomes so involved in the details of a situation they lose sight of the larger issue. Has your quest for preparedness become a bunch of trees instead of a healthy forest? A life of preparedness is an extremely full life, a life with a whole spectrum of issues impacting and intertwining with each other. Prepping isn’t just one action in one area but a vast array of skills, talent and know how combined to prepare each of us for whatever may come.

SeeingCoining another old adage’ he’s got too many irons in the fire’, goes hand in hand with not seeing the forest. In our quest to become prepared, often we become overwhelmed by too many tasks or details. All these irons or trees keep cropping up everywhere. What’s a prepper to do?

The Other Side of a Preppers Path will take a look at the forest and the trees within it this Sunday December 8th. Come along , join Lynna as she explores the path, perhaps of least resistance, with a real look at a pitfall not often talked about or recognized by the Prepper. Each of us has come to the realization that living a prepared life is the answer and a personal responsibility to ourselves and our families and we’ve begun the quest. Just where are we on our journey, cruising along the freeway free and easy well on our way to destination or sitting on the side of the road contemplating which exit out of the plethora of side roads to take? Becoming prepared can be an arduous journey with untold detours resulting in dead ends. Do you have the time? Learn how to identify the detours and pitfalls of seeing the trees and removing the extra irons from the fire on your preparedness quest join The Other Side of a Preppers Path Sunday.
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