November 26, 2022


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Ron Foster on Common Sense Prepping!

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Ron Foster on Common Sense Prepping!
Host: Tara “Tara and Common Sense Prepping

Ron FosterCommon Sense Prepping radio show guest this week is Ron Foster. The popular prepper fiction writer also boasts decades as an emergency disaster professional. Foster, known as the Solar Prepper, on Twitter, will be discussing the power grid, EMPs, solar flare dangers during the episode, as well as how to prepare for such man-mad and natural disasters. Solar flares and threats of an EMP attack by North Korea are weighing on the minds of many right now. Either one of those disaster scenarios could significantly impact our power grid and change life as we know it.

Ron FosterRon Foster is the author of the popular prepper and survival series, The Prepper Trilogy. In addition to holding several master’s degrees in emergency management related fields, Foster also brings real-life disaster experience to the table. The author’s academic credentials include certificates in Global Security and Terrorism Studies, Law and Public Safety, Displaced Persons, School Security and Safety Administration, and Non-Profit Organization, Administrative Science, and Emergency Management Administration.

Ron Foster had this to say about his experience and the importance of preparedness:

“I am going through what most would call a career change. My background competencies include being a Gemologist (Diamond and colored stone appraiser) series 7 and 63 license (Investment banker) Army soldier and Air Force Airman, corporate administrator and entrepreneur to name a few. Currently I am a fulltime Doctoral student and have a start up 501 c3 non -Profit Corporation in Florida and am otherwise unemployed. After the oil spill hitting the beaches and all its effects, plus the economy we are in, it looks like I need to reinvent myself again. Despite my accomplishments, I don’t edit well and dislike the grammar Nazis that try to change my southern style of writing books, but evidently I can write academically when needed. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Empire State College in Human Services with a specialty in Emergency Management Administration and Planning at age 50. I have a Masters of Administrative Science (MAS) from Fairleigh Dickinson University with 7 graduate certificates.”

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