Religion Post Collapse

Religion Post Collapse, How will you maintain your faith
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

I am liberty 400x300I had a great conversation this week with one of the I AM Liberty faithful on my website about the show. We talked about my ability to lump atheists and potheads together in one fell swoop. Now despite how you feel about either I thought it was a very important lesson in understanding how I am still making sweeping generalizations. It’s very hard not to lump people together. I think we know that the pews are just as full of criminals as the local pot dispensary in Colorado. That being said I wanted to do a show about religions post collapse

ReligionThere is no denying that religion has the ability to uplift. It can pluck you from a world of misery and fold meaning into your life. This is why I wear a cross because whether the power is perceived or actual religion can do great things to your life. I also refuse to believe that my great life has come from just my own efforts. I have had miracles occur in my life on several occasions. Now that doesn’t mean I am willing to believe the bible word for word. To be honest it reads a bit like an X Men comic at points. Again it’s about generalizations. You shouldn’t throw the text out because of Leviticus nor should you march to its every beat.

ReligionWhat does that mean in a world of desperation? In a world where food may not be as easy to come by, clean potable water either? Basic necessities? It will become ever more important to analyze any group that is offering you an escape through a god or anything else. The other very important thing to remember is that religion has the ability, like nothing else in history, to kill. In a strained society it what will religion look like? And what will you do to protect your beliefs or nonbelief system without falling victim to a group of extremists.
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