Questions in Your Preparedness? Katz Answers!

Preparedness Questions? Katz Answers 

PreparednessI want to start canning.  Which method is best, pressure canning or boiling water bath canner?

What is the shelf life of my home canned foods?

Why do you prep?

Which is better, vacuum sealing in jars or mylar bags?

Only four questions? You can bet your canner there’s going to be a lot more. You can also make a safe bet that Katzcradul is going to have the answers. After all, this is what she does. Imagine being the Diva of the kitchen, gardening, home-keeping as well as being one of the most sought out after people to provide informative and entertaining information on YouTube. How in the world would you find time to relax. No one knows for sure where Katz get’s all the energy. We do know it’s not from eating GMO foods. Maybe that’s how she does it, by eating only the foods she grows and knows is good for her, by growing and preserving the way it should be done. We could speculate for all of eternity and never come up with all the answers or we can listen in on another episode of The Homestead Honey Hour.

When I asked Katz what this upcoming show was going to be about I almost fell out of my chair when she said…..

Let’s do it again!

PreparednessKatz’ The November show was so much fun that she’s decided to use the same format for the show this week. Join Katzcradul as she reviews some of the best questions received from subscribers to her YouTube channel over the last few months, and the answers she’s given. She gets a tremendous amount of email in a week, and much of it contains questions relating to self reliance and homesteading. The questions run the full gamut of preparedness. The last half hour Katz will talk about some current events, as they relate to preparedness efforts. Phone lines will be open so that you can call in with your questions as well. Join the other Honeys in the chatroom. They’ll help keep the conversation stimulating and lively! Katz has planned a fun, relaxed evening in hopes that you’ll take a break, put your feet up for a bit, and join her on The Homestead Honey Hour. Be sure to invite your friends to the show…those who have a ‘can-do’ attitude and are interested in living a ‘do-it-yourself’ lifestyle.
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