December 8, 2021


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Preserving Food Year Round!

PreservingWhy would you put that canner and dehydrator into storage? Even though winter is here you’re not through yet. You may have put that garden to bed or have just payed off the butcher for taking care of that deer and elk tag that was filled but it’s not over. Canning and dehydrating should be year round for everyone. If  you really like to save money you may already know where this is going.

Fall is the season but so is winter, spring, and summer to be canning, dehydrating and Preserving. Your local grocery store or super market knows this. Most products that you find wherever you shop are seasonal. Many of these stores may also have predetermined days for sales on particular products you like. Sometimes it may just be an over stocked item that needs to be moved before it’s dated or room needed for other products. No matter the reason these grocery stores or supermarkets will always have a sale on something. When this happens you need to have that canner and dehydrator at the ready to Preserve.

The following link will take you to a well written article about the “Grocery sales cycle”. The article will show you what you can expect to be a good value for a given month. Follow the link and make note of the items for each month. You may also want to call and speak to the manager of that particular store where you shop for insite on what to expect in the months ahead.

Stock up on these items you find and keep that canner and dehydrator at the ready. Happy Shopping:



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