February 25, 2021


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Prepping, Urban Farming and Homesteading!

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Prepping, Urban Farming and Homesteading!
Hosts: Nick & Dam “We Grow Ours

FarmingCalling all preppers, homesteaders and urban farmers! Episode 8 of the WeGrowOurs show is here! This week our amazing guests are…. Nick and Don! That is correct; we are doing the show ourselves this week. After all we want to practice what we preach and hope to teach our listens a few things along the way. We know we learn every day from you and this is our chance to give a little back.

FarmingWe talk this week about our “Daily” life on the homesteads, how much time we spend doing what we do. We also have a candid conversation about our style of prepping and walk though some concerns that we have about what could turn these into a reality! Politics is part of this show, yet a very small part. We run through what we would do and talk about how we are looking to meet others in our areas and our communities now before things go bad. Fodder, fish and rabbits, a great combo! Nick tells us he will dig a nice septic system in his front yard and why. Don talks about the water and cooling situation in the desert of Arizona. What would you do? We talk about not only how to survive, but thrive.. Sound familiar?

FarmingAre you a homesteader or a prepper with something to say about what you would do, or maybe about how nuts we are? If so head over to www.wegrowours.com/askus for your chance to voice your opinion on the show. We will be giving away another $25 gift card to Bass Pro shops at the end of March to the best feedback, questions, comments, and any other crazy ideas you may submit! Enjoy this week’s show and be sure to Join us on prepperbroadcasting.com for the live chat on Monday! Remember to tune in next week to hear a great interview with the “Queen” of Aquaponics, Sylvia Bernstein!
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