Prepping Up 2017 Review!

Prepping Up 2017 Review!
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Prepping Up 2017 ReviewDon’t miss the last show of the year with Dave The NBC Guy. Show number 8 for Dave will do a review of all his past shows and a look ahead for this coming year. He will go over all of the subjects he covered and hit the high points of each to include a review of all his special guests. He will talk about their products, there discounts and how they fit into your Prepper plans. Dave will pick out only the most important point from each show.

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After reviewing the past year Dave turns his attention to 2018 and as he helps you prep for things to come. He will go over priorities in your prepping and tell you great place to get things you will need and may not have. Dave also gives you the rule  of thumb for water and food per person per day. He will tell you about the shortfalls that exist now and what may happen when we have the next world war. Dave explains his saying, “Establish a position and improve upon it daily.” He will also tell you about future shows in the coming year and interesting guest he plans to have on.

Dave may or may not have a special mystery guest but he will give all of his listeners a big thank you with some very special discounts on the things at his website, so don’t miss out. In the spirt of Monty Hall form “Let’s Make a Deal” he will run deals on things he may only have one of or ask a listener to be the first caller to score something FREE! He will also have some discounts for ONLY those that tune in live and some deals ONLY for those in the chat room. So, sign in, ask questions and get some great products! Don’t miss this crazy end of year show!

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